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I was born in Italy and after acquiring a degree in musicology, I moved to London where I worked in the the music business for many years.  During my time in this demanding environment  I always maintained an interest in health and fitness and it was the effects of stressful office work on my own body, which led me to discover the therapeutic power of massage. Eventually, I decided to study and become a massage therapist myself.

I first studied Classic Swedish Massage in London and a few years later, I qualified in Sports Massage, at St Mary’s University College London, receiving international ITEC in both areas.

In recent years, I've I developed a passion for the wonderful art of Thai Yoga Massage. I studied in London with renowned teachers, Kira Balaskas and Zoltan Gyogyo of the Sunshine Network,  and travelled to Chiang Mai, Thailand, to further study at The Old Medicine Hospital.

I am interested in the affects of stress and repetitive strain on the body and chronic occupational related pain. I trained in various techniques which can help to release muscle tension, increase joint mobility, correct poor posture and musculoskeletal imbalances. Every massage is tailored to the client's needs and my treatment incorporates various techniques such as deep tissues massage, muscle energy techniques, soft tissue release and passive stretching.

I love travelling and massage takes me to amazing and interesting parts of the world.

The best part of my job is knowing that I am helping people, whether it is just to relax in general from their crazy life or to treat a specific issue.


Yoga has been a constant in Judith's life for over 20 years and has helped to keep her calm and centred throughout her career in the hectic music Industry. 
Working in the highly stressful areas of PR and Events, she often said that she would love to give it all up and become a Yoga Teacher. And finally, she did. Now she’s thrilled to be sharing everything that it has taught her and inspiring others to take to the mat. 
She teaches creative, flowing sequences which synchronise breath and movement. An international Yogi and sun-seeker, she fell in love with Barbados 20 years ago and loves to share her passion for the island. 

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