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Yoga Retreat with Judith Danielat the stunning VILLA LINA, a world away - but only one hour north of Rome

Saturday 16 to Friday 22 June - Early Bird discount to 31 March 2018***



SALUTE TO THE SUN returns to Italy, this time to the magical kingdom of Tuscia, where time has stood still at magnificent VILLA LINA. Just outside the walls of the authentic medieval town of Ronciglione, we retreat into another world where nature reigns wild and free, overgrowing, overflowing and celebrating her riotous lovemaking in the magnificent historical gardens of the estate. To the song of the fountains and birds, we will salute the sun from the roof of our bohemian 18th century villa or in the converted barn yoga shala, with our daily flowing yoga practise, lunch under the canopy of the centuries-old Linden trees in fragrant bloom or in one of our villa’s many dining spaces, and lose ourselves in this enchanted realm, only to find ourselves anew… In the perfect setting for an Italian Midsummer Night’s Dream, our week coincides with the summer solstice (21 June) and we’ll be honouring the day when the power of the sun is at its strongest (music to the ears of those in a frozen Europe, no doubt!) and nature at its fullest and most creative… We will also explore the surrounding area and visit the neighbouring beautiful Lake Vico. Food will be delicious, rustic and Italian, sourced largely from the estate’s organic farm and locally. While not on the mat, you can take a dip in the art deco olympic-size swimming pool which dates back to 1929, find your own secret spot in the garden to read, write or relax or take a stroll in the ancient narrow streets of picturesque Ronciglione..

Your day will begin with meditation and pranayama, and include two sessions of yoga - a more dynamic class in the morning and a more gentle and restorative afternoon session.  All levels are welcome and this is a great opportunity to kickstart your practise or take it to another level.  Excellent Italian massage therapist, Claudia Tessarin will also be on hand to soothe away any aches and pains and one massage is included.  

Leave your struggles at the gate to the grounds, surrender to this immersion in nature, yoga and massage, step away from daily life and back in time to reflect and dream as the healing energies of Villa Lina work their magic on mind, body and soul.  


Villa Lina embraces three villas, each in its own beautiful grounds within its 80 acres of organic estate in the heart of Etruscan Tuscia, Italy’s best kept travel secret (see FT article:

Featuring one of the ‘Great Italian Gardens’ of the 18th Century which is home to many rare and ancient species of plants, Villa Lina is also an organic farm producing hazelnuts, kiwis, chestnuts, oil, wine and lavender.  

Managed by writer/film-maker, Paola Igliori, it was bought in the early 20th century by her grandfather as a present for his beautiful young Roman bride, Lina.  In her honour, it was then lovingly restored to its former glory and unveiled in 1929, becoming home and inspiration to many writers, artists and painters.  

A 19th Century villa with a strong ‘30s feel, Casa Vostra ( with its peaceful verandah, vintage tables and swings, will be our home for the week.